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CHARDONNAY, Lindeman’s Bin 65, Australia 2016…7~ 28~

A wonderfully well rounded chardonnay from down under!


STEEN (Chenin Blanc), Indaba, South Africa 2017…7~ 30~


PINOT GRIGIO, MezzaCorona, Italy 2016…7~ 30~

Delicate & fresh; medium body

RIESLING, Piesporter Michelsberg Kabinett Vinnicombe, Germany 2017…  8~ 32~

From the Mosal-Saar region; crisp, light, and delicately sweet

SAUVIGNON BLANC, Villa Maria, New Zealand 2017…9~ 36~

Complex Flavors of tropical fruits; dry; great with salads, chicken & seafood


CHARDONNAY, Chateau St. Michelle, Washington 2015…9~ 36~

Buttery quality with flavors of apples, tropical & citrus fruits; silky finish

SAUVIGNON BLANC Sancerre, Pascal Jolivet, France 2016     42~

CHARDONNAY Saint-Veran Drouhin, France 2016                      42~

Dry and refreshing, very aromatic



WHITE ZINFANDEL Montevina, California 2016...7~   30~

An exceptional example, Amador country grown, not too sweet


Canella Prosecco, Italy N/V...8~     30~



Tawny gold color, nutty with a touch of sweetness, dry finish

PORT-Graham's 6 Grapes Reserve, Portugal N/V....7~




MONASTRELL, Castagno, Spain 20016      7~  30~

Sweet tannins with black raspberry, cranberry and currant fruit

MERLOT, Fourteen Hands, California 2015…8~  32~ 

 notes of dark berries and spice


PINOT NOIR, Handcraft Artisan Collection, California, 2016…8~  32~

Predominately Cherry and Strawberry with a hint of Vanilla and a Raspberry finish

MALBEC, Don Miguel Gascon, Argentian, 2016… 8~   32~

Notes of blackberry, dark cherry, and a hint of mocha, round tannins and velvety finish


CHIANTI CLASSICO ,Melini “Issasi”(single vineyard) Italy 2015… 9~   36~

Texturally soft with ripe cherry flavors & cedar aromas


SYRAH, Qupe, California 2015… 9~      36~    

Medium-full bodied; tannic & spicy with an aroma of black currants


CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Hess Select, California 2016…  9~     36~

Full Bodied, soft tannins with a touch of fruit; very nice and approachable

BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES Drouhin, France 2014...28~

SHIRAZ CABERNET Inkberry, Australia 2016

Complex, full bodied; featuring spicy Shiraz with rich, berry like fruit...36~

ZINFANDEL Cline ancient Vines California 2015...38~

Deep purple color and luscious flavor of black cherry, strawberry and

dark chocolate-leading to an enticing finish

CABERNET SAUVIGNON Beringer, California 2014...54~

The famed Knight's Valley appellation; year after year one of the best





OTTER CREEK, Copper Ale, Vermont…5

MAGIC HAT, #9, Vermont…5

SIERRA NEVADA, Pale Ale, California…5

HEINEKEN, Lager, Holland…5

NEWCASTLE, Brown Ale, England…5

MSTEL LIGHT, Lager, Holland…5

ROLLING ROCK, Lager, Pennsylvania…4

SAM ADAMS, Boston Lager, Massachusetts…5

HAKE BECK, Non-alcoholic, Germany…5





SHERRY, Amontillado…6

BRUT, Segura Viudas, Spain…6

Wonderful dry sparkling wine; fermented in the bottle

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